Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hard to Resist This

I was reading Shape magazine and came across a small piece about how to "Crush Your Cravings." The key? Saying "I don't eat that" instead of "I can't eat that." It makes sense. The first phrase implies it's a choice of your own, and one that you stand behind. The second phrase sounds like you're grudgingly obeying an obligation, and who sticks with a rule they don't like when everyone around them is breaking this rule?

I was surprised to find that this idea was put into practice by some Bible characters. In Jeremiah 35, we learn about the Rechabites, who had been ordered not to drink wine. When some was set before them and they were encouraged to drink, they they put the above suggestion into practice by saying, "No, we don't drink wine" and then, they one-upped the idea published in Shape, and you can, too!

How? They went on to list some very good reasons why they don't drink wine. You'll have to go check out those reasons yourself, however, I believe just knowing they had a list of reasons for their dedication can also teach us a lesson: Keep good reasons for doing the right thing at the forefront of your mind to help bolster your resolve.

Whatever you're working on, come up with a list of reasons why it's important to you, and make sure you reflect your belief in its imporance through the way you talk about your decision.

Your Sister

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