Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Survive a World of Distance

My sister, after whom this blog is named, lives on the other side of the world. She also happens to be one of my best friends. Oddly enough, another of my best friends lives on the other side of the country. Somedays, I desperately wish these two were closer. I wish we could go shopping together, watch a movie, or get some food, but there are hundreds or thousands of miles preventing that from happening. On the positive side, I can tell you that it is possible to maintain friendships across great distances. Here are some things we do that seem to help:

1. Set up Skype dates - make sure to discuss whose timezone you mean when you say 8 PM. Even if it's just typing to each other, it helps lessen the distance.

2. Take initiative. If you're like me, you might like to be the one who people come to instead of the other way around, but that's not going to work well for you in this kind of relationship. You need to reach out and ask when they'll have time for that Skype date.

3. Make an effort. When your long lost _____ comes home for a visit, make sure they know they are a priority for you. Arrange other plans around them and honor their desire to do things while they're home that they can't do while they're away. Even if it means avoiding watching Tangled for months just so they can be with you the first time you watch it.

4. Don't always make them come to you. People love to show those close to them what their world looks like from the inside. Go visit. They'll be thrilled A) to see you, and, B) to share their city/state/country/campus.

5. Mail stuff. A package from home - or even just a letter - can mean a lot. If your friend is in a foreign country, there may be some small things from home that would be super handy that you could include in a package, so try to ferret out what those things are before you go nuts with the packaging tape and it's too late to include it.

How do you nurture long distance relationships?

Your Sister

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  1. Long, wordy e-mails! ;) And we totally need to set that Skype date, I'll email you with what my schedule is so far so we can coordinate!
    Something that seems to be working for us is to think of ways we can see each other and make a trip out of it for both of us, so neither has to do all the work. :)