Friday, April 27, 2012

Dreams: Crashing and Burning

I got some hard news today, another reminder that life doesn't turn out the way we hope it will every time. Sometimes, dreams are on the low-hanging branches, just waiting for the right dreamer to come along and pick them down. I get jealous when I see that happen, but that's silly, and here's why: easy success is rare, and it's cheap.  Even if one thing comes easily to a person, I can guarantee you they struggle for something else - maybe even for something that came as easy success for you. I think God does this on purpose. If a person has nothing to hope for, nothing to work on, what's the point of getting out of bed in the morning? Where would we be without dreams that challenge us? If life weren't temporary, would we cherish our moments? If success were easy, would we value it? So, we each take what is for us the easy fruit, the quickly-captured dreams, but we've always got our eye on something few branches up. Praise God! There's always more to strive for. We climb up and up. We balance precariously. We take risks. We grow our faith. We bloom as people. Every once in a while, we crash and burn. We fall from the high branches and very nearly break our necks in pursuit of that special, sparkling apple of a dream. What of it? Won't it taste that much sweeter once we finally succeed?

So, here's to crashing and burning. Here's to miraculous saves. Here's to taking the risks of loving and trying. Here's to having faith in God to challenge us to our limits and see us through to the other side. Here's to dreaming big.

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