Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valuable Conversations

Lately, a few things family members have said has really stuck with me. I'll try to remember the wording as exactly as I can, but you know how memories are...

Conversation 1:
Me (talking about losing my literary agent and not going to the gym): Yeah, that really took a lot out of me. I haven't been doing much lately. Just hanging around moping.
My brother: Go mope on a treadmill.

He said it nicely, and it fit the conversation. I really like his no excuses perspective. It doesn't matter how you feel; you can still do the right thing, the things that are good for you, the things you should be doing. I can tell you, that's really helped me get back in the swing of my routine and, it turns out, sometimes going through the motions helps turn things back around for the better. Pretty soon, you're not moping on the treadmill. You're finding new challenges and celebrating what you're capable of.

So, what's the other conversation? Hm... You'll have to check back Monday!

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