Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolution: To Make Someone's Day!

It's a new year, and we're all out to make the best of ourselves, right? Sometimes, though, it's fun to turn the focus on others with a resolution to make someone's day!

One idea is to put together a Valentine's Day package for a friend who's out of town. Especially a single friend, since V-Day can be depressing for some people. I know; I'm as bad as Target, bringing up Valentine's so early, but if you're thinking about it now, that gives you time to:

Find glittering, heart-shaped confetti
Purchase (or make!) some little ornament
Bake some sturdy (read: mail-able) cookies
Design (or at least write a note in) a card
Wrap the whole thing in red tissue paper
Tape up and address a box and...
Get it in the mail!

If you  know of a little girl who would like to help, all the better! I know that my niece, for one, loves to help load up a package with a generous helping of confetti under the right circumstances. :)

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