Friday, February 11, 2011

Undercover Love

I love certain people more than they will ever suspect, and I'd bet you do, too. We feel a connection to them. We would (at least attempt to) bend over backwards to help them. We would really, truly miss them if they left. This kind of love tends to be awkward and hard to explain, so we rarely let our feelings show. It's undercover love. Lately, though, this kind of love has made some slips, and I've come to realize it's a lot more common than I ever thought. It's everywhere!

One friend found out a guy she knows from church sincerely cares that she ends up in the right relationship (not with himself, or any one person in particular, but just happily in love). One found out that a number of people were happy she had made the decision to go work with them miles away from home. She was even blessed more when someone she isn't very close to bought her the perfect going away gift. Another friend was trying to figure out what to do about someone he appreciates at church, who is leaving town. Currently, someone in my life is going to far greater lengths for my benefit than I ever, ever expected they would.

Maybe all of this shouldn't be a surprise, since I'm familiar with undercover love myself.

I'm writing all of this because it's occurred to me that maybe you haven't seen any glimpses of undercover love lately. Even without knowing you personally, I am certain people in your life care about you. People you might be surprised to learn about. People who may have never spoken to you. They are watching you, rooting for you, happy for you, sad for you. They are praying for you and thinking of you. You are not alone.

I'd like to take this one step further: God loves you, too. It's easy to forget the lengths he goes for us or the-behind-the-scenes care and attention he puts into our lives, but never, never mistake his love for something flimsy or old or disposable. While God's love is not undercover - he published a bestselling book about it, after all - it can be subtle in day to day life, especially if you're not looking for it.

If you're feeling lonely and neglected lately, I suggest you pause for a moment to remember all the times when God has provided for you. Think about all the people you've loved undercover. Remember that you are loved, too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. What a sweet and fun way to put it! A lot of us don't stop to think about this, and we overlook those "glimpses". Timely message, thanks!