Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Putting Off to Tomorrow What Can't Be Done Today

You can do everything you need to do through Christ. The Bible tells us that. Some days, you'll have unbelievable stacks of work in front of you, and you'll get through them with help from God. But some days, you will do your best, you will commit your work to your Lord, and you still won't finish everything you thought you should have, but the day will be done anyway. Those days, trust that God guided you to the projects you did complete, that He will be with you the next day, that He will take care of anything and everything that needs taking care of, and that you have done everything you need to do.

This post? Yeah, mostly for me. But I thought maybe you'd find some comfort in it too.

God, my unfinished work from today is yours now. I commit it to you. Thank you for enabling me to complete what I did. Recharge me and give me wisdom for tomorrow.

Good night.

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