Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cast Your Vote

For me, watching the government and politics is discouraging. So many things happen that I don't like, so many laws pass that I wish hadn't - and vice versa. Most days, it's easiest to just turn a blind eye to what happens. Here are my tips for basically non-political people to keep an eye on what's happening:

Get/Stay Informed - I subscribe to an email newsletter from a Christian organization that fights for things I believe in. I get to learn about what's going on in politics as it pertains to some of the issues most important to me. They give me the opportunity to sign petitions and send alerts if they think it important for me to call a representative about an issue.

Support Your Beliefs - This can mean monetary donations to organizations or campaigns, volunteering, or calling representatives.

Vote - Put the information you've gathered from staying informed to let your voice be heard!

Pray - This is like voting with God. He's the ultimate official and, though you can't vote Him in or out of office - except in your own mind, I suppose - you can petition Him with requests and you can trust Him to stay clear of dirty politics to always act in your best interest.

Your Sister

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  1. "Voting with God"...I like that! It's also the one step those under voting age (yet old enough to be concerned) can take.