Sunday, September 5, 2010

Faith in Fear

I've been listening to Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Don and Mary Colbert on The broadcasts from August 26th and 27th talk about how the devil uses fear and negative thinking to take over our lives. Fear, as they say in the program, is just faith moving in the wrong direction. Fear is having faith in the worst "what ifs" we can imagine and letting those things rule our thoughts and then our emotions and eventually our actions. For example, if I worry and fear that I'll never be a published novelist, I get upset and depressed about it. Next, I might start acting like it'll never happen by investing more and more of my time and energy in a business career while abandoning my writing. I'm still unhappy, and now I'm nowhere near where God wants me to be. Girls who are looking for Mr. Right can do the same thing to themselves. It starts with worry, and moves to depression. And then the girl starts acting like it's never going to happen for her by lowering her standards and seeing guys she has no business with.

It's time to turn it around. You and I both need to start remembering that as long as we trust, obey, and move ever-closer to God, no matter where we are, we will be at the center of God's will. And if the Bible is true - which it is! - being at the center of His will is the only way to be truly happy. He has good plans for us! Achieving our dreams won't bring the kind of hope and joy we desire - unless of course, our dreams are to commune with God.

Let's start dreaming for that.

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