Saturday, August 21, 2010

To the Girl Whose Fav Hair Accessory is Sunglasses

I have a theory about you. Your favorite hair accessory, based on careful observation, appears to be sunglasses. While I won't argue that sunglasses have no place on our heads, I would suggest that there is a cuter, just-as-simple option available to you: headbands!

I love headbands, but haven't always. It took a while to figure out that headbands with any kind of notch on the ends (you know, the part that goes right behind your ears?) will give awful headaches by the end of the day. To prevent this, look for rather flexible headbands that are smooth or have teeth, but have no ball or wad of fabric bunched at the end. Other than that, the market's open.

To style your hair easily on a bad hair day or a day when you've only got two minutes, just pull it back, slap in a headband, and you're ready to go! To illustrate, I got out some of my favorite headbands and took a few minutes to take some pictures...

A low side ponytail

A (normal) ponytail

A big 'ol mess

Step away from the sunglasses! ;)


  1. A) I take offense to this! :) B) My hair is not as good as yours! These styles look really cute on you! C) I actually was thinking I need to get more real headbands! Haha! (Where did you get the flower, that's really pretty? I have one with a butterfly I almost wore when you came, but I couldn't find it!)

  2. P.S. To anyone wondering: I am not really offended!

  3. No one would've known it was you if you hadn't blown your cover ;)

    The brown flower is from Target. The silver flower is from The Limited, but that was a while ago and I don't think they have it anymore.

    And P.S. Everyone's hair is "good." The thing is that there are different tricks to styling everyone's hair. Learning those takes some experimentation. Incidentally, I went through high school with a frizzy mass of hair because I didn't learn the tricks to mine until after... :)

  4. True, but even in my profile pic I'm wearing sunglasses! Haha that's should do a follow-up post (or multiple posts) about some of those tricks. I personally am interested in hearing them.