Thursday, August 26, 2010


Honesty, I'm learning, is a rare thing. I've been thinking a lot about this very recently, and I think the reason is that lies are the devil's native language and the he's out to wreck as much havoc as he can. With the lies that surround us, it's no wonder trust can be hard to gain - and even harder to regain, once lost.

But other people's lies aren't the only problem. There are also the lies we tell ourselves. Lies about how we look lead to extremes like anorexia, but also to things like uneasiness in our own skin. Lies about what the best decision is lead us to betray our friends for our own selfish gain. Lies about what's fair lead us to turn on trustworthy authority figures like parents and mentors and bosses.

In this dark world of deceit, be a light. Be trustworthy and honest. Cherish truth in your thoughts, in your words, in your friends, and in your leaders. Lies are the devil's native language. Refuse to speak it. Refuse to listen to it. Fill yourself with Truth.

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