Monday, May 10, 2010

Restoring a Slipping Relationship with God

Do you ever find times when you don't put as much thought as you should into God and your relationship with him? I wish I could answer that question to the negative, but I can't, and I suspect I'm not the only one. I'm "recovering" from one such time right now, and I'm finding some things that I thought might encourage and help you, if you are in the same place:

1. God's right there, waiting for you. In my experience, this means that when you turn back to God and crack open his Word, he will not make you jump through hoops before he starts to reveal truth, encouragement, and/or direction to you.

2. Music helps. Invest in some Christian music you can enjoy and that will lead you to either worship God or think more deeply about him. I just got two of Third Day's worship CD's and was singing along on my walk yesterday. I don't care if it looked funny. I don't think God cared how it looked, either. But I think he cared very much that I was praising him.

3. Read your Bible anyway. As in, read it even though you don't feel like it. Read it even though you think you've been through it all before. Read it even though it's been a while since a passage stuck out at you. Though, to make your time more effective, I suggest earnestly praying that God will show you something you need that day before you open the Bible.