Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lesson in Self-Esteem from Song of Songs

I recently got into studying Song of Songs/Solomon. The book is about the relationship between a young bride and her husband. But one thing that really struck me was the woman's healthy self-appreciation. It pops up everyone once in a while in small comments throughout the book. She calls herself "beautiful" (1:5). She compares herself to beautiful things in verse 2:1 when she says, "I am the spring crocus blooming on the Sharon Plain, the lily of the valley." She is confident in her worth to her lover when she says, "When my lover looks at me, he is delighted with what he sees" (8:10). (All these verses are quoted from the NLT.)

It seems to me that so many of us have trouble recognizing our true beauty and value. This refreshing, Biblical example of a healthy self-esteem has helped me believe in myself, and I hope these verses do the same for you, because no matter what, you were created by God. Something I heard back in middle school comes to mind: God made me, and God don't make junk. Remember that. It's more than okay to believe in yourself, your value, and your beauty.

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