Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today, our pastor asked who in the church had experienced a miracle. I didn't raise my hand. But I'd like to set the record straight here. I have experienced a miracle, and I want to tell the story as I remember it.

I was driving to one of my classes in college. As I drove along, I was thinking about God. More accurately, I was doubting God. I know I wasn't at the point of renouncing my faith, but I was wrestling with doubts about God and his existence. I was wishing I had concrete proof to justify my faith.

The car I was driving had speakers in front and in back. It had been some time since the speaker nearest the driver's seat, but I had my portable CD player hooked up to the tape deck (boy, do I sound old... honestly, this was less than then years ago!).

That particular morning, I had a Third Day CD in. Wrapped up in doubt, I wasn't paying the music much attention as it played through the back speakers. But then, just a couple blocks from campus, the front left speaker kicked in and Believe, by Third Day was playing loud and clear. You can click here for the full lyrics, but I'll retype the chorus for you here:

Always looking for a sign, miracles won't change your mind
Tell me how much evidence you need
Turning truth into a lie, hardened heart and blinded eyes
All you need to do is just believe

You can bet that got my attention. I finished the drive to school, my doubts erased. I remember sitting in a parking lot on campus, debating before I turned off my car. I had a feeling that once I did, those speakers would never work again.

And they haven't. And I think that I now know why. Take a look at Luke 19:37-40. There, Jesus' followers "began to shout and sing as they walked along, praising God for all the wonderful miracles they had seen" (verse 37, NLT). But the Pharisees wanted Jesus to quiet them. "He replied, 'If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!'" (verse 40, NLT). See, when I kept quiet, when I doubted God, this came true - except, instead of stones, God used a dead speaker. And now that I'm doing my job - not keeping quiet, not doubting - the speakers don't have to step in for me. And may I never again get so turned around that something dead has to bring glory to God in my place.

So this is my miracle. Despite having asked for miracles and not gotten them in other situations, I believe in God. I believe he is present and active. God can and does meet people where they are in the ways that they need (even if it's not always in the ways they expect or ask for). May you open your heart and mind to see him, if you haven't already.

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