Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Spent A Lot of Tokens on You

Last night, my husband was admiring something about me, and I said, "I'm glad your happy with your prize."

You know what he said back? That he was glad to be happy with me, too; he said, "I spent a lot of tokens on you." It made me feel so special to realize exactly how much he's invested in me. I mean, we're married. He put all his bets on me. He thinks I'm worth just that much.

But husbands aren't the only ones who "spend tokens" on others. Parents put a lot into raising their children. Friends invest time and attention into each other. Teachers put thought into how to reach students. Pastors pray and disciple their congregations. And let's not forget God, either. In terms of tokens, no one can out spend what God spent on us when Jesus died on the cross.

So next time you feel down on yourself, remember all the people in your life who think you're so worthwhile that they're spending token after token to care for, reach, encourage, and love you. To them, you're a worthy investment, a prize worth saving up tokens for.

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  1. It really is the relationships we have that help up become who we are. :-) Great post.