Friday, March 12, 2010

When God Sends You

Ever have that nagging feeling that you should do something? Was it so compelling that you wondered if it was coming from God? Did you do it or ignore the feeling?

I heard a story about a college student once. This student was in a mall food court when he felt God was telling him to shout out a name. It was just a random name, not someone the student knew. But he did it. And another man stopped in his tracks. Turns out, the student was right; God had a very important reason for him to call out this name in the middle of the mall food court at that moment. The man whose name he called needed an encounter with God and got it through the students' willingness to obey, even in the middle of a crowded mall where there were plenty of people to stare and snicker if he turned out to be wrong.

A few months ago, I had this feeling that I really needed to greet a newcomer in my church. I hadn't seen her before. But even when I had the perfect opportunity, was standing right next to her, I let my shyness and excuses keep me from speaking up. The girl hasn't been back to church since - at least, not that I've seen. I felt so guilty. Still do, really. I get the feeling that she and I both missed out on an important encounter because I chickened out. And, if I won't follow God in such easy matters, I suppose it's no wonder that I don't see (or maybe just don't recognize) many miracles.

So when God put a couple things heavily on my mind today, I took the first steps toward doing them, even though it meant risking my own plans for the morning and stepping outside my rather small comfort zone. I want to be part of God's plans, part of the miracles he works.

And I wanted to remind you that if you're a child of God's, these opportunities are out there for you, too.

Don't turn away.

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  1. Good reminder, and I can't wait to hear more about how these things work out for you.