Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the Birthday Girl

Today's my birthday. I tend toward negativity when it comes to my thoughts about myself--I struggle with criticizing my looks, actions, and words. Today's been no exception, and I haven't even been up two hours yet! When did it get to this point? You know, the point where all the chatter going on in my own head is so negative and critical that I can hardly enjoy being me? How do I stand a chance at being happy, healthy person with all this poison seeping from my mind?

My gift to me this year, then, is going to be to be treating myself nicely, blocking out the critical negativity. This isn't to say that I won't continue to strive toward making myself better. On the contrary, by "treating myself nicely," I mean feeding myself good, nourishing food and exercising (but not obsessively). I mean getting up at a decent time, going to bed at a decent time, recognizing when something is harming more than helping me and then changing it, and, of course, cleaning up my thought life so that I'm no longer a constant complainer about my own body, actions, and circumstances.

My gift is to see myself as worthwhile, to appreciate and care for myself.

But this isn't a gift I want to keep for myself! This year, the birthday girl is handing out gifts to her guests (that's you, of course!).

Be nice to yourself. That's what I really want.

And I'm the birthday girl. You have to do what I say. ;)


  1. I am a horrible person!!!! WHY did I think your birthday was in May???? Happy Birthday! (Not very nice to myself maybe, but it wasn't nice to forget your birthday either.)

  2. Thanks, you two! :)

    You're not a horrible person, Elizabeth. Not at all. :)