Friday, March 5, 2010

Does That Sound Like Something I'd Say?

A couple days ago, I told my boss that someone had told me he had told them they could do something at their desk while they were on the clock. Apparently, the person who told me this was mistaken because once I told my boss, he looked at me and said, "Does that sound like something I'd say?"

Well, I just smiled because, now that he mentioned it, it didn't sound like something he'd say. But until I stopped to wonder about it, I was willing to accept what my coworker said as the truth. I smiled because I was embarrassed to not have recognized the falsehood myself. I should know my boss and my job well enough to know what my boss really would've said to my coworker.

So what happened here? When my coworker spoke, I didn't take the time to pause, measure what she was saying against what I knew my boss had said in other circumstances.

As I left my boss's office, I got to thinking, if I should know what my boss would say in a given circumstance, and I've only worked for him for five years, how much more so should I know what God would say in most circumstances? After all, I've been following Him for more than twenty years now. What lies have I swallowed hook, line, and sinker that would cause God to lean back in his chair, fold his hands on the desk, and ask me, "Does that sound like something I'd say?"

I'm afraid my relationship with God is never as deep as it should be, and I know there are plenty of things about which He could ask me this question. I need to learn more about Him, get closer to Him through the Bible and my own relationship with Him. Then I can measure what I know about God against the beliefs I've allowed to creep in along the way. I encourage you to do the same. After all, we're in this world with the Devil, whose native language is lying. His lies always sound good to the untrained ear.

Pause to reconsider the things you really believe. And I don't just mean religious doctrine. Look at the way you treat yourself and others. Think about life, love, happiness, sorrow, truth, death, and anything you struggle with. Then weed out the lies.

Your Sister

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