Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Death and Trials

Some of you know so much better than I do that a girl at a local high school died this weekend in a car accident. I wish it were true that this sort of thing didn't happen, but real tragedy can strike anyone. And I'm not just talking about death. There are eating disorders, divorce, and depression out there. There are addictions and mistakes, abusive boyfriends, tough choices, and battles for good and evil all around us.

This weekend, at my church, a number of people gave "cardboard testimonies." It is hard to describe these in a way that captures the true power and emotion of such a parade of God's work in our lives, so here's a video.

I just want to say that even though you may find yourself living the first side of that cardboard testimony, you can have hope in Christ. You can trust him to be authoring a beautiful second installment to your story, something that would make congregations gasp at the miracles and love of God. Stick with him. See what he has for you. Share it with others once you experience it.

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