Friday, January 15, 2010

Cocoon Care 101

I know it feels like nothing is happening for you right now - nothing good, at least. You have such beautiful dreams, but they're all cocooned up, and they just won't hatch, no matter how much you nurture them. You've sheltered them from storms, predators and thieves, but you often look at the crumpled, brown shell and wonder if everything inside is just as dirty and dead.

After coming this far, it would be a shame to let that doubt talk you into abandoning it. Sure, you never know how much longer you'll have to wait, but that works both ways. What if tomorrow's the day?

Whenever the day is, when your dream finally emerges, your perspective on all this waiting will be forever changed. When you see your future spread its wings and see patterns there you never could've imagined, you'll realize it was worth the wait - if how long you waited even crosses your mind.

So stay strong. Stay faithful. Wait.

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