Thursday, October 17, 2019

Forgiving the Petty Blunders

by Emily Conrad

I received a typewritten letter (as in, actually typed on an old typewriter!) from fellow Christian fiction author Rachel Scott McDaniel. *

In the letter, Rachel typed a line that immediately stuck out to me. It was a simple line, really, asking me to overlook any typos because:

I don’t have a Delete Key so I can’t erase my blunders.

For the record, Rachel didn't need to excuse any typos in the letter she wrote me. It was charming and encouraging from start to finish!

But as I read that line, I realized how much I like my Delete Key on my computer. That time I bought a ring with a vintage typewriter key on it, guess which key I chose? Backspace.

How helpful it would be to have a Delete Key that worked beyond the screen.

Since I don't have one to erase my real life blunders, I'm dependent on the mercy of others. And they're dependent on me, too. And perhaps forgiveness of small matters--the petty blunders--is more important than I realized before.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Perfect Timing

by Emily Conrad

We’ve tried to time trips to northern Wisconsin to catch the height of fall color, but our timing has never been as perfect as it was this year. Hillsides fit for a postcard rolled alongside the highway, vistas of orange and red stretched away from observation towers, and gold and crimson leaves dotted trails and pools at the bases of waterfalls.

The funny thing is, this year, we let someone else choose the timing. We traveled north with friends who had other commitments. Their schedule mostly made the decision for us.

As much as I generally prefer to be in control, the best result came when the decisions weren’t up to me.