Thursday, January 23, 2020

Keys to Persistence

by Emily Conrad

I posted a picture of my laptop keyboard on social media last week, commenting on the slow wear and tear. I assume even non-writers wear down their keys. Does everyone feel oddly proud to have evidence of each word they've spelled out?

As a novelist, the wear on the keys serves as evidence of my stories.

If the laptop ages like my last, some of the letter appliques will almost disappear, but muscle memory will make up for the loss.

I'm somewhat amazed that the soft pad of my fingers would tap at something like that long enough to make it disappear.

My love for stories eases the toll patient persistence would otherwise take on my sometimes limited attention span.

But do I ever notice the difficulty of persisting in other areas. 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tracking Prayers

by Emily Conrad

I received a couple of shipping confirmations this morning on orders I placed.

I used to watch tracking until packages arrived. These days, shipping tends to be fast, and we place a fair number of orders, many for little things or mundane household supplies.

So, the excitement has ebbed. Sometimes, I forget what I’ve ordered until I open a package I found on my doorstep.

If only I could order up an answer to prayer and have such easily trackable, quick, predictable results.

But would that be best?