Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Valley of Broken Dreams

by Emily Conrad

On the way to urgent care, I told my husband the pain in my wrist was like the pain of holding a plank in Pilates class. Only, in Pilates class, I could drop to the mat when the burn got too intense. All the discomfort would dissipate. But as I sat in the passenger seat of his truck, I had no escape from the pain. I could only wait for relief.

I have dreams that are… You know, I hesitated, but I think they really are as precious to me as my wrist. My dreams revolve around writing.

You have dreams, too. Dreams that have become a part of you. Dreams that, like bones, hold you up.

And like bones, we can do some things to care for them, but in the end, their development isn’t up to us. They seem strong, until the right force at the right angle fractures them.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Surrendering Our Loaves and Fishes

I'm pleased to introduce you to Cheryll Snow today! Cheryll's debut novel Sea Horses recently released, and as you'll see below, the cover is just gorgeous. I hope you'll be inspired by her insight into the account of Jesus feeding the 5000. (See John 6 if you'd like to read the account first.) 

by Cheryll Snow
Most Christians have read the story of the loaves and the fishes. In sermons and Bible studies, the emphasis is usually on the miracle itself – how five loaves of bread and two fishes could feed a multitude of people. If you read closely, it says the people were not just fed but full, and that twelve baskets of leftovers were collected.

Imagine! An amazing story, to be sure. But I’ve always wondered about the person or persons who gave up their lunch.

Who are you talking about, you ask? I don’t know. The Bible doesn’t say. It only refers to the giver as “a boy.” But I think it’s an integral part of the story. The boy who donated his food had to have known it wouldn’t go far.