Thursday, August 6, 2020

Looking Through Patient Eyes

by Emily Conrad

I watched our watermelon plants closely last year. I noticed when flowers first appeared, but they seemed to fall off with no promise of fruit.

This was normal for the start of the season, I learned.

Eventually, tiny fruit formed at the bases of flowers and then withered. That, too, was part of the process.

Finally, the vines grew watermelons.

From this description, you may assume that I closely observed the plants. I assumed I did. And yet...

Thursday, July 9, 2020

What's a Weary One to Do?

by Emily Conrad

In myself and in many of my friends--both writers and not--I see widespread weariness like I've never seen before.

So, in my post for Seriously Write this month, that's where I focused. I did angle it for writers, but I think the message applies to us all, both writers and not.

After all, as believers, Jesus is the answer, no matter the area of ministry we're involved in. He promises rest, so I dug into one instance when the disciples needed rest to see what I could learn and how it might apply today.