Thursday, October 11, 2018

Signs of Water: Finding refreshment when our souls are thirsty

by Emily Conrad

Signs about water in dusty places intrigue me, and I tend to stop and photograph them. An act of hope, perhaps.

A few weeks of events left this introvert drained, dry and dusty. Or maybe it was the shortened, cooler days of autumn that put me in funk.

Whatever the cause, I needed to recharge, but I wasn't sure my old standbys--time alone, time with my characters, time with my husband--would cut it this time. The need felt deeper.

Monday, October 8, 2018

More than Mundane: Conquering Fear of Insignificance

by Emily Conrad

My heartbeats make my breath shallow. I feel like I have coffee jitters, but I haven’t had caffeine in over ten hours. I’m just nervous. I’m at a writing conference, trying to make a good impression on an industry professional.

The literary agent asks me to write down my name and number so we can set up a meeting later. I grip the pen, scraping out my name like a kindergartner learning to write.

The meeting goes well. She asks to see my work, leaving me to feel seen, validated, significant.

Later, I hear from writer friends that agent also asked to see their work. I’m happy for them, but … Fear—the same fear that made me nervous in the first place—creeps in, saying there’s no reason to pick me out of a crowd, that I’m working in vain, that I’m not that special after all.

I'm visiting Jerusha Agen's Fear Warrior blog, sharing about one everyday moment God used in surprising ways, showing me that God can do more than I ask or imagine with what seems like the meager offering of my daily activities.

Do you feel insignificant sometimes, too? Then this one is for you.

Read the post here.

And, oh, PS! Jerusha is giving away a copy of Justice to one commenter on the post over on the post on her site. One more reason to visit! :)

Do you feel #insignificant sometimes, too? Then this one is for you. #purpose #wonderfullymade @emilyrconrad @sdgwords
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