Thursday, November 7, 2019

Finding Missing Pieces

by Emily Conrad


No one was as surprised as me by how quickly asking for help can change things.

Some friends and I sat around a table, doing a 1000-piece puzzle. One had searched and searched for a specific piece. After failing to find it, she resorted to describing the piece to the group so we could help.

As soon as she spoke up, she found the exact piece she needed out of all the other pieces spread before us. None of us even had the chance to pitch in.

Knowing I often use life experiences in my blog posts, one of my friends said I ought to use this for a blog post on the importance of asking for help.

I laughed it off until the same situation repeated itself at least twice more—once when I was the one scouring the table for one elusive piece. No sooner had I finished speaking than I found it.

Something just works about asking for help.

But a puzzle is one thing, right? Our lives are much more complicated, our problems more serious. Often, speaking a need isn’t enough. We need others to answer. We need God to answer.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Imitating the Master Artist

by Emily Conrad

I pulled out my acrylic paints last week to capture the trails we hiked in early October. Before I started, I looked at one of my photos from the trip to refresh myself on the colorful leaves, the occasional spot of sunshine, and the leaf-dotted pathways. Feeling prepared, I turned to the canvas.

After my first couple of sessions, the colors on my canvas looked too dark and reddish while the number of trees I was trying to load into the scene rendered it overwhelming.

Where had I gone wrong?

I’d left the picture behind. I'd assumed I knew well enough what a forest looks like--I've hike through so many! I was just there! I just looked at a picture! So, I blindly trusted my experience to carry me through.

That didn't work well with my painting, and it doesn't work well in our faith.